As woodworkers we felt woodworkers need products that make working around the shop easier.

Our first product,
PitchRx, came about by using products on the market that didn't cut it.  In trying to clean blades, the products we used were either too caustic, dangerous, or didn't work at all. 

We believed a product could be developed that wasn't dangerous to use and could easily remove pitch and resin from blades, bits, belts, etc.

That's why we developed
PitchRx -- an amazing product that easily removes pitch, gum and resin from blades, bits, planer and jointer knives, carving burrs, shaper and moulding bits, files and more.  In most cases, just spray PitchRx on, let it go to work, rinse it off and dry thoroughly! 

At Around the Shop, Inc., we are always looking for ways to improve our time in the shop.  If you have any suggestions or needs that you wish to share with us, please contact us at the address or phone number below. 

Around the Shop, Inc.
5665 Highway 9 - Ste 103-151
Alpharetta, Georgia  30004
Phone: (770) 680-0006


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